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Wedding Shoot

I got to video this wonderful styled wedding shoot organised by Angelica Blake-Lawson. Not only that, but Angelica was also the model! Have been wanting to work on more videography projects so was very excited about the opportunity to work on this.

Model and Organiser: Angelica Blake-Lawson, IG: @angelicabl_model

Photographer: Jennifer Siegel, IG: @jennifersiegelphoto,

Videographer: Amy Louise Baker, IG: @amylouise_baker,

Flowers: Lindsey Crisp, IG: @flowers_by_lil,

Accessories: Victoria Giles, IG @victorialouiseaccessories,

Cake: Hena Butt, IG:@butterbeecakes

Music: "When we found the horizon" by Late Night Feeler


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