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Scarlet Starlings Music Video

Take a look at this awesome collaborative project I got to work on!

Model: IG @urte_creates

Last year Sara asked if I was interested in creating a piece of art in response to her band, Scarlet Starlings, new album. The song I chose is called "She speaks to the night". Have been wanting to focus on more videography and thought this was a perfect opportunity to do so! Interview coming soon on Fable Gazers This Song May Save You"

Special thanks to photographer Rita as the night shots were inspired by a shoot we did together last year! These were night portrait shots down by Brighton beach using red LED lights. Loved them! we both said how the photos looked like an album cover or music video and that thought really stuck with me.

I listened to the whole album several times before deciding on this song. Another song on the album features ocean waves and so when I listened to this particular song I kept picturing a woman walking along a beach. I live in Brighton by the sea and thought yes this is the one! I tried not to over plan and over think this shoot, as that is my usual way of doing things! Decided to just see where this went organically. I knew I wanted a lonely woman walking along the beach. Listening to the song it made me think about a person being outcast from society because of suspected witchcraft! This helped us to decided on the long gothic black mesh dress Urte is wearing. I also new it would likely be very windy down there and wanted to capture the movement of Urte's hair and clothing. The grey and red shawl was made by Sara's Mum, and is meant to mimic feathers, taken from the name of the band ( Scarlet Starlings). The day was grey, overcast and windy with flocks of seagulls, which again helped tie back into the bands name and the shawl. Urte had decided to wear a red ribbon around her wrist, and the night scenes used a strong red LED light. I wanted there to be a turn from day to night, from slow walking to dancing to implying some sort of transition, perhaps through some of that suspected witchery! This was reinforced by the lighting of the candle. I like that the red wrist and shawl ribbon featured at the beginning hints at the final scenes of the video/ I think that might have been a happy coincidence as we did try a lot of of different light colours but the red contrasted really nicely with the dark blue sky. Very glad we went for the red in the end!

Fun fact. I used to be in the band as their drummer. I can barely play the drums but they were okay that. It was fun!


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