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Society 6
Creative Market

Best FraserValley Film, Abbotsford Film Fest, 2021
Minted, Make a Statement, 2018 (collaborative)

-Hot Art Wet City “6th Annual Boobies and Wieners” Vancouver BC, 2019
-D&AD “New Blood Awards” London UK, 2011

TextileArtist, September 2019
Le Temps De Broder, October 2019
Brighton Journal, December 2020
Choi's Package Volume 05, 2012  
Elegant Magazine June 2021 
Edith Magazine July 2021


I’m a London born Artist and Designer currently based in Brighton, UK.

After graduating with a BSc in Biology from York University, I continued my studies with an FDA in Graphic Communication from Kingston University. From those scientific beginning I still love to maintain a focus for research, experimentation and a fascination with my surrounding environment.  I am drawn to symmetry, minimalism, cosmic elements and otherworldly landscapes, I love to explore these themes with forms stripped down to the essential with a multidisciplinary approach.

Over a 10 year career as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, have broadened my skill-set with businesses large and small. I now work part-time as a Creative Content Producer at the art publishers King & Mcgaw, and the rest of my time creating and licensing my own art works.

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