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Textile Art - The Woodland Series

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

An ongoing textile project I have been working on! You can read more in an interview I did with and see some headdresses I made using this technique

The Woodland series is an exploration in the ways that man-made materials can be formed into work that references nature, specifically moss and lichen.

By referencing these form, there’s an opportunity to take pause and consider these often overlooked plants that regularly appear in urban and rural settings.

The forms are familiar, but can be interpreted in different ways as they hover somewhere between representation and abstraction. Pieces are made intuitively, each mark serving as a reference to inform the next, using various hand-crafted, fiber art techniques such as embroidery, felting, weaving, and beading, in various layers to create a tactile and textured surface.

Take a look at my instagram for newest works and work in progress.


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