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Resin Earrings

Have been wanting to experiment with resin for the longest time! I also had been on the hunt for some oversize stud earring but just couldn't find what I was looking for, so thought I'd combine the two! This first resin batch were just little disc experiments. The mould I used was for making chocolates I think and tried alcohol inks, beads and holographic ribbon.

The mould for this was good for these experiments but not quite right for making earrings. I found some new suitable moulds and after several attempts made some wearable earrings! For the earring backs I first tried gluing them on but it didn't feel stable enough, so tried glued to keep the stud in place, and then added an additional layer of resin over the entire back of the earring to secure it. This is very solid with no chance of the earring back coming away. I found that the earrings stay much more upright when paired with a bullet clutch earring back. I made three different sizes and used alcohol inks, glitters, powders, gold foil, and metallic stones to add colour and detail. Below are some of my favourites!


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