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Raw Opal Research

I have grouped this experiments as they are all research into how to create a large round raw opal inspired artwork!

I embedded beads and used alcohol ink for the colour and texture. These are actually inspired by microbes, but I think the techniques here could be useful.

Seeing the best way to show the raw rock vs the iridescent opal.

This started off great! but then I ruined it with resin and plaster. However I love how the holographic vinyl cut outs create a gemstone opal effect.

I ruined my table top with various art projects. So I turned the whole table itself into an art project! Acrylic paint and resin with pigments on 90cm table top. I like the pastel marbling effect and was fun working at such a large scale.

I think next steps would be to try Jesmonite and resin! The matte Jesmonite with subtle marbling and terrazzo would represent the rock. Clear resin with glitter for the opal. I also have two round silicone moulds (30cm, 50cm) to create the initial resin Jesmonite shape.

Would then mount that onto wood covered with holographic foil. You can also create holo effects using holographic silicone and would love to incorporate this! I purchased some holographic diffraction grating and liquid silicone so I can make my own. Then I can apply the holo silicone to the back of the resin.


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