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Moody Studio Floral Shoot with Angelica

I got to test out my new home studio with the lovely Angelica ! I tend not to over plan TFP shoots (TFP stands for Trade / Time For Print. The photographer and model collaborate on a photography project. Everyone works for free, but they all receive the TFP shots to use in their portfolios) but wanted to go for a particular vibe so created a mood board. Was great help to refer to while shooting and discussing ideas with Angelica.

We did a lighter version with a white backdrop and then a more dark and moody version with a green backdrop. One of my favourites is the one of Angelica holding the peacock feather. While shooting Angelica pointed to the feather on the shelf behind me and said "why don't we try that?". I love those unplanned successes! It's something I need to remember, if I get too caught up in planning and organizing I might miss these opportunities for discovery and surprise!


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