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Vessel Lamp Shoot - Form And Fields

Updated: May 11, 2021

I got to work with Form & Fields recently! Photographing their latest product, a wireless rechargeable lamp. The style is subdued and minimal, showcasing the lamps potential for how and where to use it.

The challenge was getting the surrounding lighting just right so you could see the glow from the lamp without the photo being too dark; a mixture of timing the photos at the right time of day and some tweaking in photoshop!

My favourite shot is the "indoor picnic". We wanted to capture the idea of using the lamp outdoors but only temporarily (as it isn't waterproof)....and also maintain the style of the brand; minimal, whites, greys and blacks, and this indoor picnic shot seemed to cover most of these. Even though shot indoors, theres a feeling of the outdoors, and when the image is tightly cropped the location could be a garden deck or balcony.


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