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Sunset Shoot with Lizzie

Me and Lizzie took a stroll in the Wild Park Local Nature Reserve for these lovely red dress shots! This was our first TFP shoot together (TFP stands for Trade / Time For Print. The photographer and model collaborate on a photography project. Everyone works for free, but they all receive the TFP shots to use in their portfolios)

For this TFP shoot I really wanted the location to be the Wild park, as I had been there on walks and thought it be a beautiful place to take portraits. The weather was slightly chilly and overcast, but at the end the sun came through the clouds for some golden glow. Lizzie's choice of outfit was perfect, the red really popped against the green. Think of one my favs is the lake shot. In reality this is a very small, brown and green looking lake ha, and hadn't really planned to take photos of it but love how it turned out.


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