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Shadow & Marble Video Mockup

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Hooray! My second product is available on Creative Market! A collection of 10 mock ups (6 photos, 4 videos) featuring a sheets of paper and a white picture frame. Minimal, dark and moody with eye catching shadow movement.

The mock ups are created by photographing/ videoing a real scene for the most authentic and realistic result. You can easily insert your own designs using the Photoshop smart layers.

The first frame of the video matches the last so when the video replays there is no “jump” just a smooth transition so it appears the videos are looping endlessly.

Video is both eye-catching and engaging! So engaging, in fact, that Instagram posts with video receive about 38% more engagement than images (hoot-suite 2021) and 67% of Pinterest users say video inspires them to take action (Pinterest 2017)

Perfect for creatives such as artists, illustrators, designers and photographers, so you can professional present your work to clients and customers across your portfolio, social media, and shop etc

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