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Product shoot with Maid In China

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Got to take some photos for Maid In China a few weeks back!

We focused on the ‘Circus Collection’ which combines the tradition of afternoon tea with all the fun of the fun-fair. Maid in China have plenty of studio style imagery but wanted some more natural lifestyle shots that showed the products being used.

I planned to shoot for 4 hours, and split the shoot into three parts. "Brunch with Friends" two friends at home having an epic brunch together. "Breakfast in Bed" a cosy lazy Sunday morning vibe, and then a more generic "Tea Time Chats" with two friends chatting and having tea on the sofa. Really wanted to show how the products could be used in lots of different everyday environments and not just reserved for special occasions.

This was my first time doing any sort of food styling. I saw a food styling tip about pieces of cardboard between the pancakes to look for fluffy and full. I tried works!

I planned to have two people model for me...but a few hours before the shoot, what I had been dreading, happened...someone pulled out, they weren't feeling well! I had planned many of the photos to have two people in them, and had prepped food enough for two. Luckily Emily had a friend Fran that could help out last minute which saved the day. PHEW. It turned out for the best having two real life friends model, everything was natural, not posed, and the photos are better for it. Emily and Fran were just amazing!

Overall I was happy and so was the client. Win! Also...I was eating all that luscious fruit for days, and by the time I had tidied up and sat down for a tea my Fitbit went off, 10 000 steps without leaving the house? Not bad a!


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