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Minimalistic Linoprints

Updated: Apr 29, 2021


I am fascinated by symmetry, balance, minimalism, cosmic elements and otherworldly landscapes, and love to explore these themes with forms stripped down to the essential. By combining the simplest of shapes, something mysteriously new is created! This series explores the dualities of light and dark, night and day, sun and moon.


Hand carved lino have been hand pressed onto paper. Custom made foil vinyls were cut at home using my Cricut Maker (a computer-controlled cutting machines, designed for home crafters) and added by hand.

Each print incorporates intended texture and imperfections from the hand pressing process. Every imprint is unique, just like that of a human finger print! reminding us this was made by human hands :) Ink density and details will vary from the photos.

11” x 14” lino print on craft brown paper


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