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Jewellery Photoshoot With Artist Zoe Sherwood

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

I got to hang out and photograph my lovely friend zoe sherwood wearing a selection of her jewellery and hair accessories. We made the most of the sunshine, wondered through the Royal Pavilion grounds, had chips on Brighton Beach, and finished it off with some well deserved (but way to many!) deep friend donuts. Take a look at her newest collection in her online shop. ⁠You can also read more about Zoe's collection on the Wow Foundation blog.

Zoe is a London based artist, designer who interprets the world around her into unique sculptural and conversational adornments. Creator of the empowering and unifying ‘Me’ jewellery and hair accessories, which spreads the message of self-care, self empowerment and love around the world. Each piece is finished by hand and made in England.


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